SSL Certificates – which SSL is the best for you?

RapidSSL certificate

No doubts you have already heard this name! RapidSSL certificate has proven itself as an easy to go SSL certificate. It is issued in minutes, easy to install, it supports up to 256-bit encryption and it is recognized by 99% browsers.

RapidSSL certificate is for you if you are looking for strong encryption, good price and hassle-free certificate installation. You would ask, what are the drawbacks of RapidSSL certificate? We did not notice any!

So, if you would like to protect the checkout or login page of your website or even the whole website with strong SSL encryption, go ahead and purchase RapidSSL! We will be happy to assist you with the certificate installation!


Comodo Essential Wildcard

What if you need to protect not only the main website, but also its numerous sub-domains with an SSL certificate? Two options are available: you can either purchase a separate SSL certificate for each sub-domain or go for a Wildcard SSL certificate.

Comodo Essential Wildcard certificate removes the trouble of managing multiple SSL certificates. Once activated, it can be used to protect all your sub-domains with strong SSL encryption.

Get Comodo Essential Wildcard certificate today or contact us if you have any questions!

Which SSL certificate are you using on your website? Do you have experience with products discussed in this article? We are looking forward to your comments!