Servicio de Alojamiento Canvas LMS

Al encargar Alojamiento Canvas, usted recibe un VPS de alto rendimiento en unidades SSD, la última versión del Sistema de gerencia del aprendizaje pre-instalado, acceso raíz a su servidor para personalizar el código de Canvas, acceso de administrador a su instalación de Canvas

¡Seleccione su plan de alojamiento Canvas LMS!

4GB VPS with Canvas

$40.00 / month*

Good for testing & development. For mini Canvas LMS installations (up to 50 online users)

Ubuntu OS
2 CPU Cores
80GB Storage
80GB Storage

8GB VPS with Canvas

$80.00 / month*

For small Canvas installations (80-100 online users)

Ubuntu OS
4 CPU Cores
160GB Storage
5TB Transfer

16GB VPS with Canvas

$160.00 / month*

Recommended package. Perfect for medium to large size classes (up to 200 online users)

Ubuntu OS
6 CPU Cores
320GB SSD Storage
8TB Transfer
Analytics for Canvas
Attendance Tracking

32GB VPS with Canvas

$320.00 / month*

For big Canvas Installations (up to 500 online users)

Ubuntu OS
8 CPU Cores
640GB Storage
16TB Transfer
Analytics for Canvas
Attendance Tracking

Canvas LMS integrates easy with BigBlueButton web conferencing and video conferencing platform.

We support USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia regions

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Complementos de Canvas LMS

BigBlueButton Web Conferencing

$80.00 / month*

BigBlueButton web conferencing software can be integrated with Canvas online learning platform to extend its functionality. With BBB video conferencing system you can perform real-time lectures by streaming audio, video, desktop sharing, online chat.

Use BigBlueButton web conferencing to:
Create webinars with your students or colleagues.
Gain experience of presenting online.
Deliver a live event or lecture to the students that can’t be onsite.
Record your conferences so students can view them at a later date.

External PostgreSQL Database Server

$40.00 / month*

To improve performance of BigBlueButton installation and to support more online students you can move BigBlueButton database to an external PostgreSQL database server.

By moving database to external server you:
Isolate web application and database servers
Increase both security and performance of Canvas
Server Specs:
4GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 80GB disk, 750GB transfer

Redis Cache Server

$40.00 / month*

Redis caching server can be moved to an external host to improve BigBlueButton application performance.

By moving Redis to external server you:
Isolate web application and Redis cache servers
Increase both security and performance of Canvas
Server Specs:
4GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 80GB disk, 750GB transfer

Comentarios de Clientes

Great Service and Support!

I’m reviewing the installation and configuration services of Odoo, Canvas and Big Blue Button.

WebHostingZone let me with a very nice impression of service, attitude towards client and professionalism.

Nasul Mendoza

They offer great support. They answered many questions quickly and correctly.
Certainly a great hosting service at a good price. Advisable.

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since October, 2015

Felipe Elizagarate

We have contacted WebHostingZone 22nd of September 2014 as we faced some plesk issues and we were desperate to find a quick solution for it. WebHostingZone responded within 24 hours 2 possible solutions for our issue and recommended us a 1 hour check to sort out weather the issue can be fixed or not. Within the 1 hour check they actually fixed and upgraded our plesk plus email. We are more than happy to finally have found a company to rely on when it is about server management, plesk, etc. 100% recommended. Thanks again for great Service


I have been with the owner for about a year now. He used to do some server adjustments for me when I was on another companies dedicated server. When he first told me that he could serve my sites I said no because it would have been a shared server structure. I used to be on one of those slow turtles and had a hard time in Admin with my WP site because the server was so slow. It took like 60 seconds to go to another page. That is why I changed to a dedicated server. When I finally did place a site with WebHostingZone I couldn’t believe it. I am now on a shared server and I have never never never seen my pages come up so fast. It’s like instantaneously. So how I feel is that there are some companies who are squeezing every profit out of the system they can. Then there are other companies like WHZ that truly care about the customer. Keep it up guys.

David Carli

I’m a customer of WebHostingZone and I recommed their services: I’m using their Linux monitoring service and their customer support is really good, I’m very satisfied.


Finding responsive and knowledgeable IT support is difficult. I need a group that is trustworthy, personally responsible and not too expensive. WebHostingZone has what I need for my small, but busy eLearning company. Thank you guys! You are a great help.

Michael Henry

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