What is a Subdomain? How to create/delete it?

What is a Subdomain?
Subdomain is the third level domain. If you have working site, (for example company.com) you can add many subdomains for it, and your new sites will look like: domain1.company.com, doman2.company.com etc.

The main purpose of subdomain, is that you can organise the work of your web site. Let's assume your company has several different departments such as: Project Management, Support, Development etc., so your subdomains will look like:
- prog-manage.company.com;
- support.company.com;
- development.company.com.

How can I create subdomains?
- Log into your cPanel account;
- navigate to "Domains" > "Subdomains";

- in the drop-down, choose the domain. Enter subdomain and click create;

-once adding you will see:

How can I delete subdomain?
- In cPanel navigate to "Domains" > "Subdomains";
- find your subdomain and click "Remove";

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