How to Install Canvas LMS on VPS or Dedicated Server

The official Canvas LMS installation guide did not work for me, to successfully complete Canvas installation I had to go back and forth, I crawled numerous forums, blogs, Ruby and Apache documentation and finally I got working production Canvas installation. To start the setup follow the official Canvas LMS installation guide at After following the guide above you will get working copy of Canvas… but if something goes wrong after you make a final Apache restart – read on or contact our Linux support.

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How We Protected WordPress From Brute Force Attacks

WordPress websites are popular targets for vulnerability scans and brute force attacks. According to they block about 40k WordPress login attempts per day.

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How to install WordPress with Auto updates and Scheduled backups

In this short article we will show how to install WordPress and enable Automatic updates and scheduled backups for it using Softaculous and cPanel.

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GitLab - GIT Repository Management, Wiki & Issue Tracking System

Choosing a Git repository management system has become important in recent times. Individuals and teams are looking for easy to use, cheap, and open source repository management systems. And GitLab is one of the best Git repository management systems available . It is open-source, has web-based Git repository management, wiki and issue tracking system. It is a great tool that allows centralized management of Git repositories. It has a user friendly web interface and the possibility of managing permissions. This article provides a complete overview of the product, comparison with similar products and problems associated with it.

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Leap second on June 30. How it affects Linux server environments?

This month we all have an extra second! A "leap second" will be added at midnight Coordinated Universal Time June 30. One-second adjustment is occasionally applied to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) in order to keep its time of day close to mean solar time. Without this correction time defined by Earth's rotation goes away from atomic time because of irregularities in the Earth's rate of rotation. Leap seconds are added since 1972 and 25 such extra seconds have been inserted.

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Important New Magento Security Patch - SUPEE-5994

Today Magento released a new patch (SUPEE-5994) with multiple critical security fixes. The patch addresses a range of issues, including scenarios where attackers can gain access to customer information. All versions of Magento Community Edition software are impacted and Magento strongly recommends to immediately deploy this critical patch.

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