How to install WordPress with Auto updates and Scheduled backups

In this short article we will show how to install WordPress and enable Automatic updates and scheduled backups for it using Softaculous and cPanel.

Let's Go!

1) To begin WP installation login to your cPanel account.

cPanel login page

2) Navigate to Softaculous script installer.

cpanel softaculous icon


3) In Sotaculous go to Blogs >> WordPress and click big blue "Install" button.

softaculous wordpress page

 4) Choose protocol, domain and installation directory.
We do not have SSL certificate installed for "" so we select "http://" as a protocol. As a domain name we select our domain and we leave installation directory empty because we want to install WordPress into the root directory and not into sub-folder.  

select wordpress domain

5) Setup custom table prefix, site name and site description.
For security reasons it is recommended to change "Table Prefix" from default. Also on this step we setup title and descrition for our new WordPress site. Both title and description can be changed later via WordPress admin area.

wp prefix title and description

6) Configure admin username and password for your WordPress site.
It is recommended to setup custom username and generate strong password using password generator.

setup admin user and password

Also we suggest to enable plugin that limits number of failed login attempts to prevent brute-force attacks on WP admin area.

WordPress limit login attempts

7) Go to "Advanced Options"
There you can select custom database name, enable auto upgrade for WordPress itself, and auto upgrade for WP plugins and themes. Also you can enable daily, weekly or monthly backup for your WordPress site and configure backup rotation schedule. 

enable updates and backups

8) Enter your email address and click "Install" button. All installation info will be sent to your email address.

complete wordpress installation

That's it! Your new WordPress site is ready. Start bloging!

your first wordpress post