Important New Magento Security Patch - SUPEE-5994

Today Magento released a new patch (SUPEE-5994) with multiple critical security fixes. The patch addresses a range of issues, including scenarios where attackers can gain access to customer information. All versions of Magento Community Edition software are impacted and Magento strongly recommends to immediately deploy this critical patch.

Please note that this patch should be installed in addition to the recent Shoplift patch (SUPEE-5344). More information about the security issues is available in the Appendix of the Magento Community Edition user guide.

You can download the patch from the Community Edition download page.
Look for the SUPEE-5994 patch. The patch is available for Community Edition 1.4.1–

Be sure to implement and test the patch in a development environment first to confirm that it works as expected before deploying it to a production site. Information about installing patches on Magento Community Edition is available online.

Best Regards, Support Team