What is Addon Domain and how to add it?

Addon Domain is a new domain that links to subdirectory of your cPanel account.  You can think of this as multiple hosting packages. Files for addon domain will be stored in a subdirectory of your public_html folder. This feature gives you ability to control multiple domains from single cPanel account.  

How to add new Addon Domain?
- Log into your cPanel account;
- navigate to "Domains" > "Addon Domains";

Note: Before creating new Addon Domain in cPanel, check that the domain has the correct name servers. You can do it using any domain registrar's company. 

- enter new Domain, Password and click "Add Domain";

-once adding you will see:

Now we can reach content of myexample.com/another-dom.com folder using next URLs:

1. http://myexample.com/another-dom.com
2. http://another-dom.myexample.com
3. http://another-dom.com

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