Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the best choice when you need the full power of hardware for your application.

Expert Dedicated Server Hosting and Management Services

At WebHostingZone, we offer expert dedicated server hosting and management services to help organizations deploy and manage their online presence. Our team of experts can assist with system requirements, installation procedures, and security considerations to ensure that your dedicated server is up and running quickly and securely. We can also provide ongoing assistance and support to ensure that your server performs at its best.

Dedicated server plans:

Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1230

Entry level dedicated server plan.

CPU 4 cores 3.20GHz
Traffic 10 TB
Port 1000Mbps

$62.00 / month*

Intel Quad-Core Xeon E-2374G

Due to the powerful Intel Quad-Core Xeon E-2374G CPU with max turbo frequency 5.00 GHz this dedicated server provides top performance.

CPU 4 cores 3.70GHz
2x480GB SSD
Traffic 10 TB
Port 1000Mbps

$192.00 / month*

Intel Octa-Core Xeon E-2388G

High performance dedicated server with Octa-Core Intel Xeon E-2388G CPU.

CPU 8 cores 3.20GHz
2x480GB SSD
Traffic 10 TB
Port 1000Mbps

$245.00 / month*

AMD 16-Core EPYC 7302P

High performance dedicated server.

CPU 1x 16 cores 3.00GHz
Traffic 10 TB
Port 1000Mbps

$265.00 / month*

Dedicated servers are available in multiple locations: London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (NL), Singapore, Sydney, Dallas (US).

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Affordable and Scalable Dedicated Server Solutions

We offer affordable and scalable Dedicated server solutions to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Our hosting plans range from small, single-server solutions to large, clustered installations that can support thousands of concurrent users. With our flexible pricing and scalable solutions, you can be confident that you are getting the best value for your investment.

Happy Customers: Positive Feedback on WebHostingZone’s Dedicated Server Hosting

WebHostingZone has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers who have used their hosting services. Customers have praised the company’s excellent customer support, affordable pricing, and reliable server performance. Whether it’s helping with server installations, troubleshooting issues, or providing monitoring services, WebHostingZone’s team of experts has received high marks from clients across a range of industries, including education and corporate sectors. With WebHostingZone, customers can expect a hassle-free experience with outstanding hosting solutions that meet their specific needs. Check the reviews available on our website and leave your own after using the service.

Spent hours with IBM tech support and they could not solve the issue I was having. In less than 20 mins, Eugene solved the issue and had sites up and running again. Great work! Highly recommend his services.


I have been with the owner for about a year now. He used to do some server adjustments for me when I was on another companies dedicated server. When he first told me that he could serve my sites I said no because it would have been a shared server structure. I used to be on one of those slow turtles and had a hard time in Admin with my WP site because the server was so slow. It took like 60 seconds to go to another page. That is why I changed to a dedicated server. When I finally did place a site with WebHostingZone I couldn’t believe it. I am now on a shared server and I have never never never seen my pages come up so fast. It’s like instantaneously. So how I feel is that there are some companies who are squeezing every profit out of the system they can. Then there are other companies like WHZ that truly care about the customer. Keep it up guys.

David Carli

I’m a customer of WebHostingZone and I recommed their services: I’m using their Linux monitoring service and their customer support is really good, I’m very satisfied.


Our company designs training for large companies, when it comes to synchronous training they are the best partners. Absolutely recommended.

Luigi Simonetti -

WebHostingZone installed our VPS server 1.5 years ago, and have delivered excellent professional support ever since then. Highly recommendable.


WebHostingZone has been a great partner in providing BigBlueButton hosting for our client-schools especially when everyone was forced to shift to online classes because of the pandemic. They have a very responsive customer support, and they offer one of the cheapest BBB hosting services available. Highly recommended!

Jonald Justine Itugot -

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