Canvas LMS Hosting

By ordering Canvas LMS Hosting service you are getting an open-source Canvas learning management system pre-installed on high-performance cloud servers.

Explore Canvas LMS pricing and plans:

Minimal Canvas LMS Server

Minimal open-source Canvas LMS server plan. This Canvas VPS is good for development, testing and for running online classes in small schools with up to 1000 users total.

Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Teachers & Students
160GB Storage
4 CPU Cores
5TB Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
24/7 Monitoring

$100 USD/mo

Small Canvas LMS Server

Recommended Canvas hosting package. Good for Learning Management Systems up to 5000 total users.

Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Teachers & Students
300GB Storage
6 CPU Cores
8TB Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Analytics package
Daily Backups
24/7 Monitoring

$200 USD/mo

Medium Canvas LMS Server

LMS platform for medium-size e-learning organizations. This Canvas server can handle up to 10K total users.

Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Teachers & Students
600GB Storage
8 CPU Cores
16TB Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Analytics package
Daily Backups
24/7 Monitoring

$400 USD/mo

Enterprise LMS System

Canvas learning management system for heavy usage. Contact us for more info about Canvas LMS pricing.

Unlimited Courses
Unlimited Teachers & Students
1200GB Storage
16 CPU Cores
20TB Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Analytics package
Daily Backups
24/7 Monitoring

$800 USD/mo

* Extra 23% VAT is applied to all hosting plans. To waive the VAT fee specify company name and a valid VAT number when placing the order.

Canvas elearning system integrates easy with BigBlueButton web conferencing and video conferencing platform.
We support USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia regions

Canvas is an open source LMS platform developed and maintained by Instructure Inc., which owns all intellectual property relating to such LMS and the CANVAS trademark. For more information, visit Instructure has no affiliation with and in no way endorses WebHostingZone.

Key open-source Canvas LMS hosting features:

Zero Setup Fee

we do not charge for the installation, you pay for Canvas LMS hosting only

Fast Deployment

we will deploy the open-source Canvas LMS cloud server for you in no time

Professional Support

we take care of all the LMS system support and maintenance, so you don’t need to touch the server or code ever

Access to Code

if you need access to the source code you can get it via SSH/SFTP at any time

Automated Backups

with the backup addon your sensitive data is backuped automatically daily, weekly, monthly


the LMS system can be scaled horizontaly and vertically as usage grows

High performance

we host the learning management system on cloud vps servers optimized for the best performance


system can be branded and customized with your own logo, colors and it is hosted on your domain name too

Unlimited Teachers and Students

number of teachers and students registered in the system is not limited when using the open source Canvas LMS server

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    Why do schools and universities prefer the open-source Canvas elearning platform?

    Canvas learning platform is a popular choice among schools and universities because it provides a flexible, customizable solution that meets the needs of both instructors and students, as well as excellent customer support services at a low cost when compared to other proprietary software licences on the market today.

    Want to try open-source Canvas LMS demo first?

    Sign up for LMS Demo and explore all the LMS system features. No credit card is required.

    Frequently asked questions

    Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) is a popular online platform developed by Instructure Inc. It is designed to facilitate teaching, learning, and assessment activities in educational institutions, primarily in K-12 schools and higher education settings. Canvas LMS provides a digital environment where educators can create and deliver online courses, organize learning materials, engage with students, and evaluate their progress.

    Open source Canvas LMS software is free. However you need a hosting service to run Canvas LMS for a school. Canvas LMS hosting cost for a school includes server, backup, maintenance fees. At WebHostingZone we provide a managed Canvas LMS hosting service. It means that maintenance fee is included in hosting cost. Canvas LMS cost for a school depends on a school size. Thus minimal Canvas LMS system costs $80 USD/month for hosting, plus $20 USD per months for data backups.

    Minimal server requirements for Canvas LMS are 8GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 30GB disk space for storage. For OS Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64bit is recommended.

    Canvas LMS server for 1000 users costs $80 USD/month ($0,08 USD/user). LMS System for 10K total users costs $320 USD/month ($0,032 USD/user).

    You can download the open source Canvas LMS software code from GitHub at

    We are hosting Canvas LMS on cloud VPS servers. Multiple server locations are available. You can self host canvas lms in Atlanta, London, Frankfurt, Singapore or Sydney data centers.

    Self hosted Canvas LMS is an open source Canvas learning management system installed on own infrastructure. Canvas lms self hosting is possible on VPS, dedicated servers, or on cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform

    You can learn how to use Canvas LMS as a teacher by navigating to Canvas Instructor Guide.

    Yes, you can try the open-source Canvas LMS before ordering. Sign-up for LMS Free Trial and test all the LMS system features. No credit card is required.

    Canvas integrates really well with BigBlueButton. We can setup BigBlueButton for you and integrate it with Canvas. Please check our BBB hosting plans.

    We usually deploy open-source Canvas learning management system for our clients within 1 business day.

    We provide Canvas LMS hosting service. It means that we setup a server with the latest version of Canvas LMS installed on it. We can help with all technical/server problems (server updates and upgrades, backups etc). Adding courses, students, teachers on other side is performed by a client.

    Sure, you can use your own domain name. When placing an order select “i will use my own domain” option.

    You will have full admin access to the system. You can add teachers, students, courses, customize everything.

    Yes, you will have access to modules, extensions, plugins, LTI integrations.

    Only one domain can be used per Canvas system. If you need multiple LMS systems you can make several orders with different domains.

    Sure, storage can be increased. To increase storage you need to upgrade to the next hosting plan.

    Minimal billing term is monthly. You can select different billing perionds too when placing your order (semi-annual, annual).

    Upgrades are easy and fast. You request an upgrade > we send you invoice > after the payment your Canvas plan is upgraded. Upgrade takes about an hour.

    When you start hitting the limit you will experience degraded performance of the Canvas LMS system. It means that you need to upgrade.


    Canvas plans starting from 16GB include Analytics module and Attendance Tracking tool. Analytics evaluate individual components of a course and evaluate student performance. The Attendance (Roll Call) tool is an external app (LTI) used for taking attendance in Canvas courses.

    We do not install updates automatically as it might break production system. Updates can be applied on request.

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