Jitsi Meet Hosting

Jitsi Meet is an open source video conferencing solution that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat and screen. Hosted Jitsi allows participants to join the conferences with their webcams and invite guest speakers.

Select Jitsi Meet Video Conferencing plan:

Jitsi Minimal

A minimal Jitsi Meet server. Good for testing Jitsi and for running small private conferences.

max 30 participants
2 CPU cores
4TB transfer
80GB SSD Storage


Jitsi Meet 70

Recommended hardware for Jitsi.Perfect for running Jitsi in production.

max 70 participants
4 CPU cores
5TB transfer
160GB SSD Storage


Jitsi Meet 150

Jitsi Meet server with 2x standard RAM and 1.5x standard CPU. Ideal for running Jitsi Meet in production.

max 150 participants
6 CPU cores
8TB transfer
320GB SSD Storage


Jitsi Meet 300

High performance Jitsi Meet system. Good for multiple classes.

max 300 participants
8 CPU cores
16TB transfer
640GB SSD Storage


Comes with API URL and secret key for Jitsi Moodle and Jitsi Canvas integration.

All packages are GDPR-compliant.

Jitsi Server Pricing

The price of a Jitsi server hosting depends on the number and type of users. Check the price list below to see which of the 10 most popular plans best suits your need.

Our Jitsi specialist host team can advise you on the best setup. If you need help choosing which Jitsi Server setup is best for you just ask our Jitsi support Chat team below.

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    User Feedback

    Finding responsive and knowledgeable IT support is difficult. I need a group that is trustworthy, personally responsible and not too expensive. WebHostingZone has what I need for my small, but busy eLearning company. Thank you guys! You are a great help.

    Michael Henry

    I have been with the owner for about a year now. He used to do some server adjustments for me when I was on another companies dedicated server. When he first told me that he could serve my sites I said no because it would have been a shared server structure. I used to be on one of those slow turtles and had a hard time in Admin with my WP site because the server was so slow. It took like 60 seconds to go to another page. That is why I changed to a dedicated server. When I finally did place a site with WebHostingZone I couldn’t believe it. I am now on a shared server and I have never never never seen my pages come up so fast. It’s like instantaneously. So how I feel is that there are some companies who are squeezing every profit out of the system they can. Then there are other companies like WHZ that truly care about the customer. Keep it up guys.

    David Carli

    WebHostingZone has been a great partner in providing BigBlueButton hosting for our client-schools especially when everyone was forced to shift to online classes because of the pandemic. They have a very responsive customer support, and they offer one of the cheapest BBB hosting services available. Highly recommended!

    Jonald Justine Itugot - cerebrolms.com

    Spent hours with IBM tech support and they could not solve the issue I was having. In less than 20 mins, Eugene solved the issue and had sites up and running again. Great work! Highly recommend his services.


    Fully satisfied. Some minor problems at the beginning but the team is responding and solving immediately. Our BBB cluster is very powerful and efficient. No interruption and very good sound and video. All of our users are satisfied.

    JPP - arifts.fr

    They offer great support. They answered many questions quickly and correctly.
    Certainly a great hosting service at a good price. Advisable.

    Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since October, 2015

    Felipe Elizagarate
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