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We are using top hardware on our shared hosting servers to provide you with the best performance. All our servers have hardware RAID10, 32GB RAM and powered by Dual Xeon processors.


cPanel is a leader in hosting control panels. To provide you with the best hosting experience we are using cPanel on all our servers. You can easily upload files, manage databases, FTP accounts, mail accounts and more via simple and user friendly cPanel interface.


Moving to us from another hosting provider? You do not need to be a hosting expert to transfer your websites to our cpanel hosting servers. To get started just order a hosting account from us and open a ticket with our Technical Support department. Our server administrators will move your websites to our hosting servers smoothly and with no downtime!


Our web hosting servers are located in state-of-the-art AtlantaNAP data center in Atlanta, Georgia. The data center facility meets uncompromising power, cooling and security standards. Practically every feature and detail of the facility is optimized for peak performance, reliability and security.

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Great Service and Support!

I’m reviewing the installation and configuration services of Odoo, Canvas and Big Blue Button.

WebHostingZone let me with a very nice impression of service, attitude towards client and professionalism.

Nasul Mendoza

Worked with WebHostingZone for over 2 years now – they showed me a way from going to a $500 server a month to $180… always has been there to solve any issue. Definitely the best server administrator to date!

John Vouros

I have been with the owner for about a year now. He used to do some server adjustments for me when I was on another companies dedicated server. When he first told me that he could serve my sites I said no because it would have been a shared server structure. I used to be on one of those slow turtles and had a hard time in Admin with my WP site because the server was so slow. It took like 60 seconds to go to another page. That is why I changed to a dedicated server. When I finally did place a site with WebHostingZone I couldn’t believe it. I am now on a shared server and I have never never never seen my pages come up so fast. It’s like instantaneously. So how I feel is that there are some companies who are squeezing every profit out of the system they can. Then there are other companies like WHZ that truly care about the customer. Keep it up guys.

David Carli

Webhostingzone was a great help for the installation and troubleshooting of our servers. True professional, I am very satisfied.


These guys are trustworthy, fast, smart and awesome.


They offer great support. They answered many questions quickly and correctly.
Certainly a great hosting service at a good price. Advisable.

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since October, 2015

Felipe Elizagarate

Optimized Moodle Web Hosting

Why is Moodle a stellar choice for hosting a site? Because it’s simple, reliable and easy to start with. You don’t need to download and install any software. We are glad to pre-configure your Moodle install for you so that your pages can load at the highest possible speed.

We performed an upfront research to identify the settings that provide Moodle with a maximum site performance. Thus, Optimized Moodle account is a ready-to-use product, with which you don’t need to waste your time on experiments with settings. Now you can keep your mind on your blog’s content and promotion.

Besides the convenience, Optimized Moodle endows your website with some important security features. They include automatic updates and allocation of a unique login URL. These measures are intended to protect your site from possible hacks, thus making our Optimized Moodle Hosting a tempting alternative to pricey and poorly customized Managed Moodle Hosting.

What You Need to Know about Moodle

Moodle is one of the most popular content management systems – applications, used for creation and modification of digital content. CMS allow you manage your website’s content without the need to bother with the code. They are very popular with small enterprises thanks to its simplicity and versatility. Besides Moodle, other most popular CMS include Joomla, Drupal, and Ghost.

The history of Moodle begins upon May 2003, when its founders Mike Little, Michel Valdrighi, and Matt Mullenweg launched the system as a fork b2/cafelog. Since that time, it has mushroomed into the most requested CMS in the world.

Moodle is good for its flexibility: it is an open-source instrument, which means the most creative programmers all over the world contribute to the development of this system. Moodle has a plugin architecture and a system of templates. It is free, so you will not have to pay for anything, aside from the custom themes, plug-ins, and other instruments if you choose to use them.

If you decide to use paid tools, plan your budget in accordance with the needs of your website. Our webmaster will advise you on that. It is easy: you chose a theme, customize it according to one’s taste, and the website is ready to use.

Some may say that CMS accounts are for the small businesses only. However, this preconceived notion is debunked by many successful companies and communities as TechCrunch, BBC America, Ebay’s blog and many others, which use Moodle for their sites.

Moodle is a great choice for the creation of blogs, social media, commercials and thematic websites.A gazillion of add-ons, plugins, customization and adjustment tools allow users incarnate many of their visions in their website.

Moodle Installation

How to start using Moodle? Download the app directly from the official site (it is free) or have it pre-installed. We may also offer you a single-click setup option via Softaculous. The latter method allows having the basic framework of the new Moodle website up and running within a couple of minutes.

What is Wrong with Free Moodle Hosting

The idea of free hosting seems alluring, but there is a number of reasons why a free product is not always the best solution:

– With free shared hosting, hundreds of websites share the same server, which may result in a slow work of you websites;
– Hidden costs that may unexpectedly occur;
– Offensive ads and aggressive marketing emails;
– Relatively low level of security, which makes your website vulnerable to hacking attempts;
– Limited use of control panel;
– Limited support, which is not guaranteed, but rather randomly provided

Got Questions Regarding Moodle Hosting? We Are Ready to Help!

Our servers are configured in the way that provides the smoothest operation with amazing 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Got any questions? Our Support team is ready to help 24/7/365!

We offer Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Try our hosting today without any risks!

Why Moodle?

A quick fact: Moodle is used by up to 60% of the overall CMS users, and Moodle runs 4.5% of the entire Internet.

Moodle is a system that can be intuitively understood. Even a non-professional can master the system within one day and understand the structure of menus, pages, posts and widgets. Having learned the ropes of basic coding, the user is able to can transfigure themes for any purpose.

Due to the template-based structure, one may edit the information easily and quickly. Moreover, users can add content and then schedule those posts to be publishedin their website automatically at any time.

Moodle sites are mobile responsive, so you can be sure your users will enjoy visiting your site regardless of a device type.

Moodle Advantages

There are tons of advantages you may enjoy using Moodle. Here are some of them:

• All the essential Moodle components are free of charge
• Intuitive management, easy-to-handle control panel
• Wide choice of designs
• Design consistency and flexibility
• Quick launch: single-click setup
• Mobile readiness
• Advanced time management
• E-commerce extensible
• Extensive knowledgebase and vast community
• Great search engine indexation
• Frequent updates

Expenses on Cheap Hosting For Moodle

The application itself is free, as well as the number of free themes and plugins, which would be enough for a startup to launch its business with a website.

A bunch of paid plugins available can help you customize your site to the extent possible without the need to write code from scratch. The costs may vary from a couple to hundreds of dollars, however, the latter variants are for advanced users mostly.

Various hosting needs imply various bandwidth. It often happens that the need in resources increases over the course of time. That’s why we recommend starting with simple solutions and move forward as far as your needs grow. E-commerce and businesses usually choose to upgrade their shared hosting plans to more advanced hosting solutions.

High-quality cheap hosting? That’s easy with WebHostingZone! Sign up now to get started with Moodle.

The Best Solution for YourMoodle Hosting

Do you still want to risk your user experience, SEO, and reputation?

Considering the above-mentioned points, we recommend paying attention to the more advanced solution to receive a complete package of service and be sure that the money you paid is invested into the growth of your website and business. Subscribing for Moodle Hosting, you get:

• Transparent pricing policy
• 99.9% Uptime
• No ads
• Complete control over your website panel
• Amazing support

Paying just a few dollars per month, you get a lightning-fast and secure cheap hosting with great customization opportunities and full rights on your website’s content. No hidden costs or annoying ad banners. Our Support are at your fingertips 24/7/365!