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Moodle hosting service allows teachers and schools to run online classes using the open source Moodle LMS platform.
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Moodle Hosting Pricing & Plans:


Minimal hosting plan for Moodle LMS. The plan is great for running the learning management system at small scale, for testing the LMS and for web development.

Unlimited Users
25GB Storage
Shared Server
cPanel control panel
Daily Data Backup

$14 USD/mo + VAT


Need more resources – this plan is for you! Perfect for the Open-source hosted Moodle learning management systems.

Unlimited Users
50GB Storage
Shared Server
cPanel control panel
Daily Data Backup

$28 USD/mo + VAT

Medium Moodle Server

Private hosting server for Moodle – when you need the maximum performance.

Unlimited Users
160GB SSD Storage
Private Server
cPanel control panel
Daily Data Backup
4 CPU Cores

$100 USD/mo + VAT

Large Moodle Server

Hosting plan for heavy LMS usage. Plan includes 24/7 server monitoring, automated backups, monthly system updates and maintenance.

Unlimited Users
320GB Storage
Private Server
cPanel control panel
Daily Data Backup
6 CPU Cores

$200 USD/mo + VAT

* Extra 23% VAT is applied to all hosting plans. To waive the VAT fee specify company name and a valid VAT number when placing the order.

** Moodle cloud hosting integrates easy with BigBlueButton video conferencing platform.
We support USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia regions.

*** Moodle is a trademark of Moodle Pty Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Moodle Pty Ltd. Any use by WebHostingZone is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Moodle and WebHostingZone.

Features Of Moodle LMS hosting:

No Setup Cost

You only need to invest in the Moodle web hosting, as we don’t charge any fee for the Moodle server installation.

Quick Installation

We’ll be there right away for you to set up a Moodle server for you directly after you purchase a package.

Expert Assistance

It implies we manage and handle all the LMS system maintenance and support to ensure that you don’t ever have to deal with code and server.

Code Access

You can always access the source code through SSH/SFTP to self-manage your server.

Automatic Backups

We back up your critical data automatically weekly with the help of our backup plugin.


With the increased usage, you can easily expand the LMS system horizontally and vertically per your needs.

Unbeatable Performance

Our cloud VPS servers are designed for the best outcomes. That is why we host a learning management system over there.


We also allow you to brand and personalize the system with your logo, domain name, and colors for a better presentation.

Countless Instructors And Students

When utilizing Moodle self-hosted, there is no restriction on the amount of teachers and students who can register in the system.

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    Why Schools And Teachers Love The Moodle LMS

    The popularity of open-source learning management systems (LMS) has risen rapidly among schools and educational institutions. Here are the top 10 factors that make schools and universities use open-source LMS Moodle:

    1. Saves Money: Open-source LMS (Moodle) is free. This means you don’t need to pay licensing fees for schools and universities.
    2. Easily Adaptable: You also have the option to tailor the software to fulfill your specific requirements. To ensure a distinctive learning experience, schools and colleges might alter the code, branding, and instruction.
    3. Versatility: Since our open-source LMS is versatile and expandable, it allows schools and universities to add new features however they want to make their education more effective.
    4. Community Assistance: A significant community of developers supports, maintains, and fixes bugs for open-source LMS so you can have your LMS working smoothly.
    5. Connection To Additional Systems: Some other systems, like student information systems (SIS), e-commerce platforms, and content management systems (CMS), can all be easily connected with our open-source learning management systems (LMS).
    6. Security: Our open-source LMS is supported by talented, experienced developers who can easily detect and sort problems and bugs quickly.
    7. Easy Access: Since the open-source LMS is cloud-based, it is easily available at all times and from any location over the globe.
    8. Easy and Clean UI: Our open-source Learning Management Systems (LMS) boast intuitive interfaces, simplifying software navigation for educators and students.
    9. Enhanced Student Interaction: With Open-source LMS, you get features like gamification, social learning, and interactive quizzes that contribute to improved student involvement.
    10. Integrated Platform for Education: Open-source Learning Management Systems offer a unified platform for teaching and learning. It streamlines course management, assignments, assessments, collaborative efforts, and various activities within a single, easily accessible space for educators.
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    User Feedback

    This guys answer very quick and solve most of issues I have brought to them. I higyly recommedn them.

    aroldo noriega

    WebHostingZone has been a great partner in providing BigBlueButton hosting for our client-schools especially when everyone was forced to shift to online classes because of the pandemic. They have a very responsive customer support, and they offer one of the cheapest BBB hosting services available. Highly recommended!

    Jonald Justine Itugot -

    They offer great support. They answered many questions quickly and correctly.
    Certainly a great hosting service at a good price. Advisable.

    Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since October, 2015

    Felipe Elizagarate

    I have been with the owner for about a year now. He used to do some server adjustments for me when I was on another companies dedicated server. When he first told me that he could serve my sites I said no because it would have been a shared server structure. I used to be on one of those slow turtles and had a hard time in Admin with my WP site because the server was so slow. It took like 60 seconds to go to another page. That is why I changed to a dedicated server. When I finally did place a site with WebHostingZone I couldn’t believe it. I am now on a shared server and I have never never never seen my pages come up so fast. It’s like instantaneously. So how I feel is that there are some companies who are squeezing every profit out of the system they can. Then there are other companies like WHZ that truly care about the customer. Keep it up guys.

    David Carli

    Webhostingzone was a great help for the installation and troubleshooting of our servers. True professional, I am very satisfied.


    I’m a customer of WebHostingZone and I recommed their services: I’m using their Linux monitoring service and their customer support is really good, I’m very satisfied.


    FAQs About Moodle Hosting

    Although Moodle can operate on a server with just 512MB of RAM, you are advised to allocate additional resources. Moodle’s recommended minimum server configuration includes 1GB of RAM, two 2 GHz CPUs, and at least 10GB of disk space for storing files.

    Some basic requirements to host Moodle include a server equipped with a LAMP stack for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. You can utilize shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), or dedicated hosting for Moodle hosting. Once your server is ready, you can download the Moodle code and install it on the server.

    We host the open-source Moodle platform on cloud-based virtual private servers. You have the option to choose from numerous server locations worldwide. Some are Frankfurt, London, Atlanta, Dallas, and Singapore. This allows you to select a location that is near your users.

    The price of Moodle hosting varies accordingly and depends on factors like storage, backups, security, and server resources. However, the hosting costs $24 USD per month for a basic hosting service plan.

    Usually, the hosting setup for the open-source LMS requires a few hours.

    Yes, it is possible to host a LMS with your domain name. All you need to do is enter your domain name in the “Hostname” column while placing an order.

    The LMS system will allow you complete administrative access. You will also be able to change everything and add teachers, students, and courses per your needs.

    In one word: Yes! You can install modules, extensions, plugins, and LTI connections conveniently.

    It solemnly depends upon whether multiple domains are supported by the chosen LMS system. You can place multiple orders with various domains if you require multiple LMS systems.

    Yes, you can get additional storage. For that you must upgrade to the next LMS hosting package.

    The minimum billing term is monthly. However, you also have the option to choose different billing periods when placing your order, such as semi-annual or annual.

    The upgrades to other plans are quick and simple. It includes process steps like choosing an upgraded plan, receiving an invoice to payment, and once done with payment, your plan gets upgraded. The average upgrade process takes 10 to 15 minutes.

    You will notice decreased LMS system performance once you approach the limit (number of users). It is the time when you must update your plan.

    The majority of LMS systems offer analytics tools.

    As automatic upgrades could damage the production system, we do not do them automatically. Once you request an update, we’ll proceed with the implementation.

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