Managed VPS Hosting

Get fully managed VPS hosting with cPanel/WHM control panel.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting plans and prices

There are numerous fully managed linux VPS plans, with their own prices. Please see the options below and choose the best hosting plan for your own website.


$186 USD/mo

A fully managed VPS with 8GB RAM, 4 CPU cores.

Unlimited domains & email accounts
4 CPU cores
5TB transfer
320GB SSD Storage
cPanel/WHM panel
Daily Backups
24/7 Monitoring and Support


$292 USD/mo

A fully managed VPS with 16GB RAM, 6 CPU cores.

Unlimited domains & email accounts
6 CPU cores
8TB transfer
320GB SSD Storage
cPanel/WHM panel
Daily Backups
24/7 Monitoring and Support

Our fully managed cPanel VPS hosting comes with a cPanel/WHM control panel, providing you with control to ensure you’re getting the resources you need to keep your website running smoothly. Therefore, you can spend less time managing your website, and more time managing your business.

We offer self-managed VPS hosting plans too, starting at $12 USD/month.

What is managed VPS support?

Managed VPS support is when the server you are using contains expert technical support you need to keep your website going. As suggested, everything is managed for you, we take care of some of the challenging technical aspects of server maintenance.

You will not need to worry about updating the core, installing/uninstalling software, running backups, protecting the server from fraudulent elements, and other aspects that are essential to the running of a server.

The cost of this is very affordable. A fully managed server provides the owner with full control with the resources. As your business’ website popularity grows, you can increase the resources assigned to the website within minutes. As a result, you can improve your website’s performance. And you can keep costs down when you don’t need them.

Variety of Linux operating systems supported

AlmaLinux OS

Ubuntu® 20.04 LTS


Managed VPS Hosting plans include:







Why Choose fully managed cPanel VPS hosting?

Using our managed VPS hosting you will get a wide range of benefits, including:

24/7 support

Whatever time of day you need support for your website’s server and management, our technical experts will be on hand to help you out. Our experts are fully versed in helping you to get the most out of your server. So if you’re stuck accessing your website or need help with an unexpected error, our team can help you.

Support is provided through numerous communication channels, therefore you can choose what way you need support and what is best suited for you.


As part of the service, the server is monitored 24/7, 365 days to ensure that it is running smoothly. So when there is a problem, it can be quickly rectified. During the monitoring, we check for server uptime, resources (which include CPU, RAM, and Storage), and domains.

Monitoring allows your server to experience fewer problems as not only can we detect and fix when issues happen, but we can also take preventative measures should there be a potential problem detected. Therefore, your website benefits from one of the highest up times ever.


Mistakes happen. A website might be accidentally changed, or have unauthorised access. With our backup systems, you can get peace of mind that it doesn’t matter what happens, you can roll back your website to a previous edition in the past seven days.

You don’t need to complete any of the backups yourself. They are automatically saved and completed. Therefore, you can spend more time managing your businesses and making your website a success. Backups can be easily accessed through the cPanel or WHM control panel.

Frequently asked questions about Managed VPS

With a VPS, you get access to install any software and change system configurations to match your specific needs. Therefore, you can do just about anything on the server which include some of the following examples:

  • Hosting a website that can manage high levels of traffic at a cost-effective price that makes your business more profitable. Websites you can manage might include eCommerce, social sites, or other sites that require a lot of bandwidth.
  • Used for resellers, who like to host numerous accounts within a single VPS account, therefore you can create a new revenue stream for your business, all while limiting the amount of work that you have to do yourself.
  • Creating a test environment for any app or website development you might be completing.
  • Run an LMS or learning environment for internal or external clients.
  • Create a private storage space where you can securely access documents from anywhere in the world.
  • Set up your own VPN for private browsing.
  • Have a unique and secure email server to manage communications.
  • Have a business analytics application.

The three main types of hosting plans that you can get include shared servers, managed VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. The significant difference between these include:

Shared Servers: Normally one of the cheap hosting options for your website, your website sits on a server with other websites on the same plan. The resources for the server are shared equally between all of the websites on the server, however, that means that when there is a lot of demand for a particular application, the resources can be stretched thin and it reduces the response time and performance of the application.

Dedicated Servers: Servers are dedicated to one application, and this allows for the resources to be used only by the application. Usually, these servers allow for fast response time and quick resolution of requests. However, they are expensive and can often be less than affordable for many individuals and brands.

Managed VPS Hosting: This is an intermediate. The application sits on its own virtual server. Resources are allocated to the website as directed by the client and are used as required. Therefore, when your website is quiet, it doesn’t use the resources required. However, as the application requires the resources, they are utilised, allowing for fast response times and great performance. The cost for the managed VPS server is more cost-effective than the dedicated servers. That is why a VPS hosting solution is one of the most popular options for small businesses and is a great option for small eCommerce and blogging websites.

If you are a reseller, or have multiple projects, you can completely host multiple applications on one website. A fully-managed VPS hosting solution is perfect for website designers as well, to use the VPS to develop and test their websites online without the need of using the client’s server. Then they can transfer the website directly to the client’s hosting solution. Or you can get a recurring income by hosting the website yourself.

All you need to do is to access your control panel and install a new application on your VPS server. As long as you’re within your hosting limits, no further payments will be required. But if you need to add more resources to your plan, you can do this at any time through your cPanel or WHM control panel. Changes can be applied almost instantly to your account.

We do not currently provide the ability to add more than one public IPv4 IP address per virtual server.

VPS server backups are running daily. Three backup copies are stored: daily, weekly and monthly.

Yes, cPanel/WHM is the default control panel installed on Managed VPS Hosting servers.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), PayPal and also payments via a bank transfer.

It depends on many factors – VPS server size, server configuration, type of websites, traffic on websites etc. Contact us at if you require assistance with choosing a right server size.

Yes, we accept PayPal as a payment method for the VPS hosting service.

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