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If you requested a server upgrade, you will have to resize your Linux partition. This can be done by using the GParted LiveCD.
If you don't feel comfortable following the following instructions to resize your disk, please open a ticket with support and allow 24 hours for us to perform the work.


Mount the GParted LiveCD

Log into SolusVM, go to the CDRom tab, select the GParted LiveCD from the dropdown list and click Mount.

Go to the Settings tab, select (1) CDROM (2) Hard Disk from the Boot Order dropdown list and click Set.


Boot into GParted


From the General tab, click the Reboot button in order to restart your VPS into GParted.
Wait a few seconds and click the VNC button to open the VNC Java applet.
When you see the GParted boot screen, hit enter to continue loading.



During bootup you may be prompted to set a few configuration options. Simply hit Enter to use the default ones.



Partitioning your disk


You will find that the additional hard disk space has been added to the end of your disk allocation.
To resize your main Linux partition, you'll need to move your swap partition to the end of your disk allocation and then resize your primary partition to it's extend.


Right click on the swap partition and select Resize/Move. Drag the swap partition to the end of the disk allocation until the Free Space Following value is 0.



Now that the unallocated disk space is right after /dev/vda1, you can resize the main Linux partition to use the rest of the disk.



When you're done, click the Apply button to write the new partition table to the disk.



Reboot back to your OS


When all pending operation complete successfully, go back to SolusVM, unmount the GParted LiveCD, set the Boot order back to (1) Hard Disk (2) CDROM, and click the Rebootbutton to restart your VPS back to your Operating System.



Disclaimer: Webhostingzone.org can not be held responsible for any loss of data as a result of partition resizing.


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