Streamline Your Project Management with Redmine

Do you need a cost-effective yet potent software tool to help yourself and your project management processes run more smoothly? Have you ever heard of Redmine?

Redmine, short for hosted issue tracker, is an open-source project management application. It offers the flexibility of web-based issue tracking and the robustness of integrated version control.

As such, it let teams in organizations across all types of sizes to work together. They can monitor progress, identify issues, and evaluate project delivery effectively.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits that Redmine offers; from simplifying workflows to boosting efficiency for larger teams – it may be just what you need to enhance your current project delivery.

Understanding Redmine Hosting: Features and Benefits

Redmine Hosting

What is Redmine hosting? It refers to the service that provides server space upon which a project management tool called Redmine, is installed and run. This open-source application, which was initiated for organizations, helps manage projects efficiently. It allows to keep tabs on issues and proposes what can be done to resolve them quickly.

When you go for Redmine hosting, they will not only host your project management endeavor. They will also guarantee no hiccups when/if you put up your infrastructure yourself and run your client tools (database) ably. This is great news given that the software is all open source, with everyone benefitting from its development.

Key Features and Benefits of Redmine

Now that you understand what Redmine is, let’s take a look at some of the key features and benefits that set it alone apart from the rest:

  • Easy to Use Interface: Redmine interface is quite powerful, allowing dragging-and-dropping elements in building documents, monitoring progress, and assigning tasks. In addition to this, the interface also provides Gantt charts making it easier to visualize the project timeline. 
  • Simultaneous Editing: More than one user can work on the same document simultaneously, making it easier for teams to come together and cooperate.
  • Comprehensive Reports: The reports generated by Redmine provide deep insights into each stage of the project so that team members can evaluate whether or not their efforts are yielding results and, accordingly, make better decisions. 
  • Issue and Time Tracking: It allows you to track and prioritize issues so nothing isn’t being left out. 
  • Flexible Hosting Options: There are various Redmine hosting options ranging from shared to dedicated servers so that you can choose the most suited depending on your cost-effective requirements. 
  • Integration Capabilities: It is altogether possible to integrate Redmine with popular tools like Git, SVN, Jenkins, Bamboo, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, email servers, Slack, and Microsoft Teams so that real-time communication can be carried out.
  • Security: Hosting with Redmine means having secure data storage and access control for all users associated with any particular project. 

Finding the Best Redmine Hosting Providers

Data Center with 4 rows of servers for Redmine Hosting

Are you asking yourself, “Where can I find Redmine hosting?” When you are looking for the best provider, there are certain important aspects that you need to keep in mind. Some things include:

Server Performance and Reliability

Your chosen hosting provider should offer servers for smooth operation with high performance. In that case, the access does not bring too much downtime. Choose providers with guaranteed uptime percentages above 95 percent.


As your business grows, it’s inevitable to require more RAM, CPU-processing power, and disk storage space. Ensure that the provider has plenty of scalability that provides valuable cloud computing resources without affecting the system’s performance.


Look for a hosted solution provider with advanced security measures, like SSL encryption, frequent backed-up solutions, and possibly even firewalls.

Technical Support

Having a reliable technical support team is essential for promptly addressing and resolving any type of technical error or query that may arise.

You should look for providers offering service 24/7, especially those with different contact methods like live chat or phone support.

Pricing and Plans

Compare pricing plans of different hosting companies before selecting one with which you are compatible, considering your budget but enough in terms of required features. 

Don’t know how much Redmine hosting costs? Factors to be evaluated in every plan include storage space, bandwidth, and number of users.

Where to Find Reliable Redmine Hosting Services

Now that you know about the main features and benefits, you might wonder where to find trustworthy Redmine hosting services, how to order Redmine hosting, and how to choose Redmine hosting. Several providers offer services for businesses of all sizes:


WebHostingZone offers Redmine hosting plans that cover both long-term and short-term projects. The plans offer flexibility, allowing to “accommodate” multiple users.

The key features of this hosting service include fast deployment in just a few minutes and full management of Redmine on your behalf. Besides, it includes easy upgrade and downgrade options, high-speed servers, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Pricing starts from $10/month for up to 40 users. The plan offers unlimited access to meeting rooms along with the following specifications: 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD storage, and 1TB transfer output.


Redmine by Planio provides an evenly spread project and task management solution with its flexible issue-tracking capabilities, such as workflows, custom fields, and permissions. 

It supports Agile and traditional approaches in project management. Besides, it provides the Redmine Agile plugin for SCRUM and Kanban methodologies, plus Roadmaps, Versions, and Gantt Charts. 

In addition, Redmine by Planio features things like file management with cloud storage, a help desk for efficient customer support, hosted Git and SVN repositories. Other important features include team chat, time tracking, and email inbox support with OpenPGP encryption. 

Plans start at 19€/month for up to 5 active users, making it an affordable choice for small teams. Pricing tiers are available depending on the needs and the number of users.


Redmine, packaged by Bitnami, takes the hassle out of setting up a Redmine server either on virtual machines or even in the cloud, all through a one-click installation solution. 

This product enables users to easily set up their own Redmine server, catering to various organizations depending on budget and resource needs.

With its user-friendly interface, Gantt charts, and calendar, it provides more functions and utilities for managing projects compared to other trackers.

The pricing for Bitnami depends on the chosen cloud provider and the resources allocated to the instance.


RedmineUP offers plugins for the Redmine project management tool, which can implement Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. 

Additional plugins available for Redmine include the Redmine Helpdesk plugin, which automates support ticket management. There is also the Redmine CRM plugin for contact and sales opportunity management, along with the Redmine Report generation plugin for creating customizable reports.

For small businesses, shared hosting plans start at $69/month. For dedicated hosting plans, if you want additional resources like more storage or processing power, please contact RedmineUP for customized pricing.


EasyRedmine is a top project management suite with mobile-friendly designs. It aims to make your experience in project management easier with pre-built plugins for Agile, Resources, CRM, HelpDesk, and DevOps, among others. 

Resource and staff planning gives the option of setting task allocation, deadline assignment, computation of expected workloads, and tracking completion. 

Pricing starts from $5.90/month per user. However, this price can be considered affordable for small businesses as the higher-level plans provide features like unlimited projects, invoicing capabilities, and increased storage space.

Bottom Line

Redmine provides a unique and user-friendly project management platform. It helps you easily manage projects, track issues, and maintain the central note repository. With so many providers offering hosted Redmine solutions, you stand an excellent chance of finding one that fulfills your needs and your budget.

Before making a choice, take some time to browse each provider’s features. Take intro account pricing plans for your situation and requirements, customer support capabilities, scalability, security measures, and server performance. Considering your demands and project management requirements, you can easily maximize them with just the right Redmine hosting provider!

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